E-Waste Management

We offer complete  E-waste management services, from collection to recycling.


Lead  Recycling

We offer complete  Battery management services, from collection to recycling.


Trading Metals

We Source High Quality Metal Scrap for Steel Mills from throughout the globe .

Welcome to Evergreen Gulf Recycling HUB LLC.

We are a Leading Global Waste Management Company, Committed to The Environment

The Evergreen Gulf Recycling Hub is committed to safeguarding the environment in Oman by reducing electronic waste in order to avoid pollution.

Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Waste Collection
A comprehensive system to spread awareness and collect waste periodically from commercial and individual consumers of electronic waste
Recycling Services
A single point service undertaking that will focus on providing an all round recycling solution
A regular report on the impact of mis-use of electronic and other resources has on the environment will be created
Quality Audits
Quality audits of material, plant, staff, vehicles will be undertaken as part of the "control pollution at source" mission.
BIO Fuel Production
A by product of our sustainable recycling solution will be to generate BIO fuel that can be used to power other parts of the recycling plant.
The EGRH is a sustainable and scalable recycling plant that looks at becoming a hub for recycling projects as well as technical know-how/process of recycling

Latest Articles

Strategic placement of recycling bins and a discovery mechanism to find the closest bin can help improve the growing landfill problem.  Less than 25% of plastics are recycled in dense urban areas. Educating society and planning pickup points for recyclable materials can go a long way in reducing the carbon footprint of your state.

Corporate Sustainability

Long term impacts of every corporate action that involves People(society), Profit(business) and Planet(environment) needs to be planned out such that the net bottom line for the 3 P's are positive and free from further endangering our planet in the near and distant future

Circular Economy

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.

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